All of us here at Rambellwood are doing well, as we have been
making adjustments to the absence of our sweet and precious Bonny.
 We never knew that grief could be so real, so physical and all
 encompassing. We have been endeavoring to stay close to each
other and make some new memories. We have also found it
important to do some things specifically in Bonny's memory.
 For example, we are doing a small garden in honor of her, as
this was one of her passions. We are finding that although it is
painful at times, embracing those memories is healing.

We all want to personally thank you for reaching out to us and
especially for your prayers. As the healing from our loss slowly
moves forward we welcome any words of encouragement and
continued prayers. I have attached our local obituary of Bonny
and a link below for the video Samuel made that was played at
the memorial. Future updates may be sparse, but we welcome
any contact you may want to make with us.

We are blessed to know you all,

Cary, Johanna, Grace, Sarah Anne and Matthew
(Sam & Dusty, James and Emma)