Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The News is Good

Dad called, yesterday, after they'd left the consultation in Houston, and he called with good news.

"The doctor said that all of the tumors have shrunk, and there is no new growth."  I felt my throat constrict at the sudden joy of his words.  "Our only concern now, is that she will be able to continue the chemo until the tumors are gone."

See, chemotherapy is poison.  It hurts your body, and your body can handle it for only so long.  But it is working.  The tumors are shrinking.  Our hearts are hoping.

This our prayer now, that we would have renewed strength for this battle, this battle with no end in sight.  Please pray for strength, for Mom, as she undergoes these treatments, and struggles with the loss of her hair, and for Dad as he fights to keep us provided for, to protect us from wearing ourselves out. Ask strength for all of us.  Your prayers warm us, encourage us, and remind us to keep our hearts on Him.

In much gratitude,