Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Moving Slowly Forward

This story is moving ever so slowing forward.  Slowly, as the weeks tiptoe by, and Mom's treatments come and go, slowly, while we all wonder where this path is taking us, slowly, as we pray for strength to hold up our shields and keep fighting.

But we are moving.  Things are happening.  God is changing our hearts and our lives.

And Mom has her second appointment at M.D. Anderson.  Mom and Dad will drive to Houston on Sunday, July 11, and, after tests on Monday and Tuesday, make the trip home.

We will know the results.  We will hear whether there has been any positive progress.

And we will wait for His wisdom, wait for His direction, wait for the General to lead us in the attack.  You are all soldiers, battling with us in prayer, and what joy there is in knowing that!  In knowing, whilst we struggle in the fray, that you who love us stand beside us.

With all my heart,


Friday, June 25, 2010

What a Ride!

Bonny started her second unit of chemo on Thursday, after beginning to feel much better and getting through most of the problems from the first one. She has another next Thursday and then will be returning to Houston about the middle of July for tests to see how the cancer is responding. She may be needing a pretty cap soon since she is loosing some hair. This, of course is hard on her.

This whole process is like a blind-folded roller coaster ride, not being able to see the next dip, corner or straight stretch of track. The entire Ramsey family is on board, feeling each shift and very aware that our Lord Jesus is holding us in his strong hands. Nothing comes our way that is outside of His control and our hope remains in Him.

We want each of you to know that your prayers and gifts are such a help to us. They are enabling us to remain true to the Lord in this fiery sorrow that has crept our way. We only desire that His purpose would not be thwarted in any way. This is much easier to write than to live out. We are pressing on to know Him and to not become weary. We have found it absolutely critical to keep our minds from giving in to self pity and hopelessness. You can pray for us in that regard and how ever else the Lord leads.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Taken Captive

He is captivating us, taking a hold of our fragile hearts, and binding them securely to his.

The weapons you fight with are not the weapons of the world.  
You do not wage war as the world does.

No.  We do not fight the way this world does.  We lift, not shields of iron, nor great, shining swords, but hearts firm in his strength, and thoughts captivated by his truth.

Your weapons have divine power to demolish strongholds.  You demolish every earthly pretense that dares to set itself up against the knowledge of God.  You take captive each and every thought, to make it obedient to the heart of the Father.

We wield weapons that no army can destroy, no matter how mighty, no matter how strong.

You asked me to take your life and do with it as I willed.  So, trust me with it, here and now.  Trust me.  Trust me.  Trust me.  Can you not hear my heart rejoicing?  Can you not hear my joy spilling forth?  Do not weep.  Sing.  Do not mourn.  Dance.  Do not beg, but pray with peace in your heart.  I am with you always.  Always.  Always.

God is doing things beyond our belief.  He is breaking us, and changing us.
He is making our struggle worthwhile.

As to prayers, I shall say merely this,  don't stop.  The barriers coming against us, the stress, and the strain, are wearing our courage thin.  So, keep praying.  Your prayers are a gift beyond measure.

With all my heart,

Friday, June 11, 2010

The author

... it's her birthday!

Her words illuminate what is in her heart... 

...bringing peace to our hearts, and a deeper understanding of our Heavenly Father.

... I should know, I am her sister! 

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Let Me Be

They are the words the Lord shared with me.  So, pressed out beneath my tapping fingers, finding their way across the keys, I will share them with you.

Let me be the ink, that flows from your pen.
Let me be the song, you want to begin.
Let me be the shoes, you put on your feet.
Let me be the fire, that burns with red heat.
Let me be the flame, that can't be put out.
Let me be the words you're longing to shout.
Let me be you.

The Lord is sharing with me, words, thoughts, hope.  He is blessing us

We had rather a scare yesterday, resulting in increased medication for the rising pain Mom is experiencing, and we are all struggling, wondering where the Lord is taking us in all of this, praying for wisdom, and peace, and TRUTH.  We are sticking close to home, making sure Mom rests, resting ourselves, making our way through life with as much care as we can muster.

But he is guiding us.  He is blessing us.  And we will keep our hands holding on to his.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010


So, now we know.  Now it is certain.  What we had heard before is now confirmed.

The report from Houston, from some of the best medical oncologists in the world, is that Mom has a very rare form of sarcoma cancer, a form that does not have a known cure.  Because the cancer has spread so widely inside of her, neither surgery nor radiation can be considered.  The doctors say chemotherapy has helped 40-50% of patients with this form of cancer, and they speak positively about it helping Mom.

Mom and Dad are still in Houston.  They have more tests scheduled at M.D. Anderson on Thursday, after which they will make their way home.  Mom has an appointment in Mt. Pleasant on Friday, where her treatment will begin.  In six weeks, after two sets of treatment, they will return to Houston, to test the results, and decide how to proceed.

Mom called today, and told me a story.  She spoke of the three of them, Mom, Dad, and Candy, who went with them to be a comfort and support, sitting, all in a row, in the patient waiting room.

"They won't know which one of us is the patient," they laughed together.  "Sitting together the way we are."  No sooner had they said it, then one of the doctors entered the room.

"Well, who is the patient?"  He said.

There was laughter in Mom's voice, when she told me the story, joy.  There was peace beneath the tones of her words, passing across the airwaves, from her soul to mine.

We sat in the living room, all seven of us, after we'd heard the news, with Grandpa and Grandma and Doug, Candy's husband.  We talked and shared and prayed over the future.  We wept, and laughed, and told the truth about our hearts.

In Dad's words....
"This is somewhat hard news, but is never the final word for us.  Our hope remains in God our Refuge who alone determines the whole of life.  We believe that we should move forward with these treatments and continue to trust Him with the future. 
 We would appreciate prayer for Bonny with all she has ahead of her.  That her body would respond wondrously to the treatment and continue on the path of complete healing.  Most of all, that the Lord's purpose would prevail in spite of the outcome."
There is healing in that, and peace.  But this journey feels, already, so long.  Pray that we will have strength, strength to trust, to trust and be patient, that no matter the length of this road, we will never stop walking.

And all of us at Rambellwood