Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Let Me Be

They are the words the Lord shared with me.  So, pressed out beneath my tapping fingers, finding their way across the keys, I will share them with you.

Let me be the ink, that flows from your pen.
Let me be the song, you want to begin.
Let me be the shoes, you put on your feet.
Let me be the fire, that burns with red heat.
Let me be the flame, that can't be put out.
Let me be the words you're longing to shout.
Let me be you.

The Lord is sharing with me, words, thoughts, hope.  He is blessing us

We had rather a scare yesterday, resulting in increased medication for the rising pain Mom is experiencing, and we are all struggling, wondering where the Lord is taking us in all of this, praying for wisdom, and peace, and TRUTH.  We are sticking close to home, making sure Mom rests, resting ourselves, making our way through life with as much care as we can muster.

But he is guiding us.  He is blessing us.  And we will keep our hands holding on to his.


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Anne said...

It's the best place to be. :) Praying for you still. - The Nunn Family