It began slowly, like walking an empty stream bed, not noticing the water swirling around one's feet, not noticing until, suddenly, it is cold and frightening about your chest.  We did not expect it, did not truly believe it when we heard it, can hardly believe it even now, despite its undeniable reality.

Mom was in pain, fatigued, and unable to accomplish the multitude of things she was so used to accomplishing.  So we made a decision.  We would take her in to a doctor, would see what could be done to lessen her pain.

You see, we thought it would go away.  We thought it was hormonal, that the pain was normal, that it would end, after a time.

But, the doctor found a lump, and then another lump, and the tests began.  Day after day, slowly, with the passing of two weeks, until the final biopsy came in.

My mother had cancer, leiomyosarcoma cancer, spreading fast throughout her body.  It shook us, shocked us, and our prayers grew heavier in their flight to heaven.

Now we are seeking treatment, praying for wisdom in choosing the best hospital.  We feel his guidance leading us to M.D. Anderson, and already the donations are raising hope in our hearts.

In all joy,

Emma Ramsey