Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Heart of Faith

Bonny is hanging in there...such a desire to live.  There have not been many changes since the last update.  Good news is, she was able to get off the morphine pump by an increase and change in some other pain medications.  She has had more tremor and seizure activity and is still eating well.  She still has a hard time communicating what she is thinking, but gets emotional about many things close to her heart.

Where the "rubber meets the road" is throwing away any notion of understanding, with the mind, God's plan in all this.  When you have walked with Him all your life, as we both have, and think you halfway know His will and mind, you find that you must abandon reason (seemingly spiritual understanding) and simply trust with the heart.  This has been the greatest challenge of faith yet!  Not in believing that God is the healer, but that He simply IS.

Praying that we all have ears to hear,