Friday, April 20, 2012

Results on CT Scan

Bonny has finally gotten over the initial side effects of her treatment
in Mexico.  She is able, and wants to eat regular meals.  She has not
gained any weight back, so is eating several times a day to get optimum
caloric intake.  Her potassium level has come up.  However, her red
blood cell count is very low.  We are hoping that it will dip no lower,
so that she will not need a transfusion.  She is able to do some
activity around the house.  We are all enjoying seeing her downstairs
more often and able to come to the table on occasion.

Monday she had a CT scan to see if tumors had shrunk.  To our
disappointment, there appears to be no change.  Some areas seem to show
a slight increase in size and further spread.  We are waiting for her
doctor's response to know what else we may be able to do.

Each day we thank God for each other and endeavor to focus on His
goodness in all the little things around us.  Instead of doubting, we
are looking for His kingdom and righteousness in the everyday.  He is
being glorified in ways none of us really understand.  In this walk, we
have been on almost two years now, we are learning to abandon the need
to understand and trust that His purpose will be accomplished.  That is
where all striving ceases and His peace saturates ever thought.


Monday, April 9, 2012

Feeling Better

Thought you all might enjoy a few pictures of Bonny on an outing tonight...dinner for her mother's birthday.  She is eating better and has gained some weight back. She goes for another blood test tomorrow to see how the potassium level is after her infusion last week.
It is so nice to see her smiling face again. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Mother's Song

We wanted to share an article write-up, done our local Texas Coop Power, about our family. Click here to read the article.  I love the title they gave the article; A Mother's Song.  If you all could hear the sweet melody that goes up from Bonny's lips as she trusts God with all her heart.  She knows her life is in His hands and that He is not through with her yet.

We got Bonny's blood lab work report this morning and found that things were all askew.  Her red blood count has been low for a while.  More importantly, her potassium level is very low.  I contacted her original oncologist here with this report.  He is more than happy to help Bonny and will be giving her an infusion of potassium chloride in the morning.  This will make her feel much better and give her added strength.  He said that her red blood count is low but does not require a blood transfusion at this time.  That's good news.

This has been a rather hard week for me.  I am grateful to have a cabinet job to start, but seem to get stressed very easily.  A former employee is coming to help for a season.  This will be great help in relieving some of the load of the shop.
I am realizing that our choice to trust God and draw out His grace, blessing and goodness in all circumstances is a must.  The opposite is just NO fun and leads to one misery after another.  This is a deep truth that I know God is opening my eyes to, as you pray for our family.  As you pray, our seemingly weak knees will continue to stand...for life.
We love you,