Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Spilling Out

It is Christmastime at Rambellwood.  All of our lights, the white stars that adorn our home, wrapping around a stairwell, around a porch, are holding their own against the cold winter weather.  All of the boxes are unpacked, and much of our evenings are spent in the living room, lulled by the gentle cracking of the wood stove and the glimmer of our Christmas tree.

Remember, how the Lord spoke, a while back?  That when He had finished His work in all of us, He would bring us back together again?  Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm sentimental, but I think this is the time.  Here we are, preparing for a season that, for us, means spending time together, celebrating our unity as a family, celebrating each other, and celebrating Him.  And, here in our midst, He stands, slowly granting us the deepest desires of our hearts, even the ones we cannot put into words.

Yes... dear friends, there is news, great and wonderful news.  We might even call it a miracle.  This story is not over, but God's part among the pages is clearer than ever.

So, here it is.  Mom had a test, two weeks ago, a PET-CT that lights up problem areas to show activity.  One week ago, the results came in, and Dad called our doctor in California to hear the results.

At the beginning, when we first found out the tumors in Mom's body were really and truly cancer, and heard how quickly they were invading her liver, the world we held in our hands shook from our grasp.  We had to let go.  We had to lay our fears and our worries and our sorrows at the feet of the Lord.

And guess what?  Now, seven months later, the reports show that there is little, to no, activity in Mom's liver.  The only activity shown is shadows, shadows our doctors believe to be scar tissue.  Only shadows!  Can you believe it?  Can we believe it?  My heart still trembles at the incredible truth of it.

No... this is not the end of the story.  We have no definite report on the other areas of Mom's body, and the test showed a lighted area in her thyroid that had not been there before.  Our doctor tells us the test would show a path from one tumor to the other if these were malignant.  So... there is no, "this is over... it's all gone" report, but there is physical evidence that cannot be denied.  Mom has been slowly lowering her heavy pain medication, and by the end of this month, may be completely without it.  The only effects of this have been withdrawal symptoms caused by the heavy narcotic.  There has been NO pain.  How amazing is that?  What glorious truth shows in that thought!  She has no evident pain caused by cancer.  When she is not dealing with withdrawal, she is her normal, busy, motivated, amazing self.  No matter what the tests say, the proof stands before us.  Mom is regaining her strength, and her hair.  I smile at the thought, because it seems so trivial, but, in the face of such news, it seems a gift beyond belief.

So... here's the deal.  Mom has been denied Medicaid because her type of cancer is not primarily breast or cervical.  Though the alternative treatment is considerably less money, it is all on our own budget.  The Issels protocol includes things like high dose Vitamin C from an IV, scheduled lab work and imaging, a solid, organic diet, daily vegetable juicing, and numerous supplements.  But these things, like so many good things, cost money.  At this point, our fund is all but empty, and our own bills are hard to maintain as it is.  It is frightening, to look at it logically, to stare in the face of money, and attempt to shake away the cold finger of the red numbers.

But... there is something much greater than all of this, something that does not go away, not ever.  How, again, can I put into words these mixed feelings of blessing and lack?  What is money, when there are such joys as we have been given?  What is hardship, when all of us walk it together?  What is life, when we follow our Father's path?  It is a blessing, each and every day.  Every moment of our lives is emblazoned with the truth of God, if only we can see it.

So, here on this page, my fingers are spilling our story into words.  And here, from the bottom of my heart, and from all of us at Rambellwood, is a....

Merry Christmas!

Praying you all the brightest and best of Christmases, crowded with the joys that only He can give.

and all of us

Sunday, November 7, 2010


They arrived in time for dinner Monday night, Dad, Mom, Johanna, Sarah Anne, and Matthew.  They are home, and we are together again.  On Thursday, preparing for their homecoming, tying my apron around my waist, I heard Grace, home from San Antonio, touching her fingers to the piano, and filling the house with music.  Mounting the stairs, words pushing at my fingers, I laid my hands across the keys of my typewriter, and spelled out these words.

I can feel it.  Rambellwood is coming back together.  I knew it when the strains of Grace's music, made by her fingers treading the piano keys, began to flow across the lonely floors of the house.  I can feel it now, as the Lord presses words from my heart, here onto this page.  Two days and they will begin their journey home, four days, and they will be here.  Four days and all of us, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine of us, will stand together, one again.
We... the family at Rambellwood.

And so it happened.  They drove in, at last, lifting their weary souls from the car.  Matthew went tearing out across the grass in his bare feet, thrilled to be home.

We had dinner, and celebrated Samuel's birthday, and talked, until Dad, weary from long hours driving, had to retire.  And then we all went to bed, and I marveled to see each room, quiet at the closing of the day, each bed occupied by its old inhabitant.  Rambellwood felt warm, and wonderful.

But, our lives have changed, and are changing still.  Mom is on a strict diet, that builds her immune system, and starves the cancer cells, and our already health conscious household is undergoing major adjustments.  We drove to Dallas on Thursday, to stock our pantry with organic produce, and purchase organically made personal care products, soaps, toothpaste, etc.  Everything made with artificial processes and harmful chemicals is disappearing from our shelves.

What a whirlwind it has made our lives, but what new joys we are blessed with!  Mom is her old, energetic, self, and yet a new woman.  She is planning our new life with the gusto and fervor I know so well.  Her treatments in California strengthened her immune system, and gave her body the impetus to fight for itself.

As of yet, we do not have medical proof of improvement.  No official tests have been made, yet.  But, the proof is in Mom's very life, in the return of her energy, of her health.  She lowered the dosage of her pain patch, with, unlike her last attempt, positive results.

What else can I say?  Despite no official results, we know that she is healing.  We know these new treatments are working, and working extremely well.  We know, and we are blessed beyond belief in the knowledge.  And slowly, week by week, the Lord is putting the pieces of our life together, like a scattered jigsaw puzzle, piece by piece, becoming a whole picture.  I can feel that wholeness, wrapping His warmth around us, binding us to each other, and binding us to Him.

With all my heart,

and all of us at Rambellwood

Note:  If you have any questions, please let me know.  So much happens, it is hard to put it all into words.  Some of your questions may be difficult to answer, but others I may simply have forgotten to mention.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Another Update

So... here we are, the nine of us, separated by innumerable miles, watching the Lord work.

Grace, in San Antonio with dear friends, learning and growing, becoming the woman of grace He has molded her to be.

Sam, in Denton, pursuing his future, and here at home, pursuing our future, as a family, and as a band.

Mom and Dad, and Johanna and Sarah Anne and Matthew, far away in California, settling into their apartment, into their life, and into the routine at the clinic, seeking God's peace through the passing days.

And James and I, here at home, continuing our lives, moving forward with what He, our Father in Heaven, has for us.

Today is Mom's birthday, and the thought of her, and all the years our family has spent together, tugs at my heart.  How do I put this feeling into words?  This incredible, wistful longing for my family to be together again, mixed with an unbelievable hope that, as Johanna said to me in a chat, 

"the Lord wants to do something in EACH of us... and when He has done that work, He will bring us back together again."

And those works are beginning.  The Lord is working in us, and through us.  Here are Dad's words on their experience so far at the Issels Clinic.

"The care Bonny is getting is very diverse.  She gets an IV bag each morning which contains  a long list of vital nutritional components for building her immune system.  We both meet with one or two of the three doctors available to us.  Today we were told that the initial blood test revealed many good levels, including in her liver.   She also has massage, acupunture, hyperberic oxen chamber, and sauna treatments, all natural ways of building the body to fight the disease.  Even this description barely scratches the surface of all that we are experiencing.

At Issels there is quite a team of caring people who have had many good results with their treatment protocol outside of traditional western oncology and medicine.  One thing that was obvious to us our first few days is how careful they are in mentioning anything spiritual.  One of the doctors who spoke to us on Tuesday, during lunch, was talking about drawing from a higher power and used the term, "the infinite energy of the universe".  He said to be "relentless in your pursuit of this positive energy connection".  Whoa now!  This, at first was disturbing.  But, as the Lord confirmed through another speaker today, God is not limited by this in our lives and rather uses it to strengthen our resolve.  Our "relentless pursuit of this infinite energy" is not to an unknown force.  His name is Jesus, our Savour, and Friend.  He has called us by name.  We are His.  Bonny told this doctor that her hope was not in Issels but in Jesus.  He agreed."

Dad told me stories of Mom, of the light she is in that place.  Her condition is rare, and it is easy to be discouraged about ever finding a treatment that could work, but, as Mom spoke, in her own words.  "I am not trusting this IV (they are feeding treatments into her body through the IV) to save me.  I am trusting Jesus to save me."

There are no truer words than those, no greater hope than that.  No matter what comes our way, we must trust Jesus to carry us through it.  Pray that we will find our trust in Him, that His strength, unending, will buoy us up in this struggle.

And for that, thank you.  Thanks to all of you, for your prayers, and your thoughts, for your donations, and the efforts you are making on our behalf.  We are blessed beyond belief by the army that surrounds us.

I will try to post again soon, as soon as we hear more definite results from the doctors at Issels

and all of us from Rambellwood 

Thursday, September 30, 2010

On the Road to California

After much prayer, research, and consideration, Bonny will be starting a new treatment in Santa Barbara, California, at the Issels Medical Center.  Though chemo had been holding the cancer at bay, it by no means was applying a cure or allowing her body to resist the disease.  Rather, the chemo was breaking down her body's own immune system and ability to fight.  For many weeks we have struggled with this and have explored other means.  Issels, as you can see from their web site, not only offers non-toxic treatment, but has the history of helping people who were given no hope elsewhere. 
Since we will be traveling outside of Texas, Medicaid will not provide for this treatment for Bonny.  This has been another huge step, but we know God will provide.  Her life is to too precious to settle for less.  We will be able to get the ball rolling at Issels with the donations so many of you have blessed us with.  We do anticipate a need for more funds and are inviting anyone who is able to help.
We are leaving early this morning.  Driving for three days to California.  Bonny, Johanna, Sarah Anne, Matthew and I will be staying for approximately one month there in an apartment that Issels is providing, only charging us utilities since we are cash pay.  Grace will be staying with dear friends in San Antonio and James and Emma will be here at home.  Of course, Sam is still in school, UNT in Dallas.
Your prayers have been felt by all of us. We are hanging on to every word God is saying to us through His word.  We will keep you informed as much as possible while away.
Trusting the Lord,

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

In Flight

We flew away today.  We grabbed onto an idea and packed up our things in a whirlwind of excitement.  Now we are on the road, the miles passing beneath us, carrying us towards San Antonio, to visit some dear friends, to get away, to loosen the weariness of living from our shoulders….. to leave it all behind.

There is such a joy, such an exhilaration, in the spontaneity of this trip.  I am so excited, to be sitting here with my family, feeling the rush of the wheels beneath, bags and pillows piled around, watching Matthew's thrilled face smiling up at me.

We have been struggling, weary with living, with hoping for the future, with grasping for wisdom and making heavy decisions.  I myself have felt trapped, stuck in a rut, walking day after day, wanting nothing but to shut myself in a hole, safe, where nothing is required of me.

But we cannot live that way.  We must walk with our eyes open, awake to His voice, listening for His heart.  We must, and yet the strength to do so feels so far from our grasp.

So Lord, teach us to be still, to let You be our strength, to let You carry us, so we can fly away.
I wish that we could fly away
forever and a day

I wish the world would let us go
That we could fly like supermen
That all this pain away we'd throw
And then walk we'd in joy again.

I wish that we could fly away 
forever and a day

I wish we were like red striped kites
That we could raise our souls in flight
That we could leave our pain behind
If we had only YOU in mind.

It was Thursday, when I wrote the above.  Now we are home, with memories of joy sitting beside us, and thoughts for the future resting before us.

Until later,

and all of us at Rambellwood

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


"It is like watercolor.  We are the water, but without his color, we are not beautiful.  Jesus.  Jesus.  Jesus.  We need You so much."

They are Sarah Anne's words, written in her little blue diary, written while we worshiped, and sought our Lord for wisdom. 

It is difficult to put into words, to translate with ink and pen, what God is speaking to our hearts.  But I shall do my best, because He is speaking.  And we are listening, listening because only He can bring us wisdom.

"Where then does wisdom come from? 
       Where does understanding dwell?
 God understands the way to it 
       and he alone knows where it dwells,
 for he views the ends of the earth 
       and sees everything under the heavens.
 When he established the force of the wind 
       and measured out the waters,
 when he made a decree for the rain 
       and a path for the thunderstorm,
 then he looked at wisdom and appraised it; 
       he confirmed it and tested it.
 And he said to man, 
       'The fear of the Lord—that is wisdom,  
       and to shun evil is understanding.' "        Job 28

And this is what he says, that no matter what route we go in Mom's treatment, whether it be chemo, or whether it be something else, no matter which doctor sees us, or what they say, it is God who will heal Mom.  It is He who will direct our steps, and He who we must trust.

Mom has another chemo appointment tomorrow, and she is struggling with the thought.  We do not like chemo, any of us, and Mom is searching for peace to endure another round.  At present, we are planning to continue with the chemo for another six week period, and judge the results at the end of that time.

We must walk moment by moment, seeking the Lord, brushstroke after brushstroke, as he paints His glory on the canvas of our lives.  Pray for our spiritual eyes, that we would keep a clear perspective, that we should find peace in each decision...

That we would keep our eyes fixed upon our Lord.

In His strength,


Monday, August 30, 2010

The Heavens Opened

The heavens opened today.  Our Father in Heaven poured rain from his throne, rain that rushed past our windows, raging against the glass, while lighting flashed white across our vision, and the thunder of the Lord shook our souls.

The news from M.D. Anderson is good.  The chemotherapy continues to reduce the tumors.

But... dear, dear friends, it is so, very slow, and the little the doctor has told us does not give us hope.  It seems that this treatment, though it stalls the tumors in Mom's body and cuts slowly away at them, cannot utterly destroy them.

I felt it, when Dad called on Thursday, when they were on their way home.  I felt the loss of hope, the stab of uncertainty, and now, with the days moving slowly on, we all feel it, and we are all seeking the Lord for wisdom.

Word of an alternative treatment has reached our ears, an alternative treatment that has a higher percentage of success in curing patients.  We have doubts about it, but we have the same doubts about the chemo, and the positive results of the alternative treatment are making us seriously consider it.  The only problem, is that this treatment cannot be covered by Medicaid, leaving us to find the funds ourselves.  It is much less money than what Medicaid is forking out for the chemo right now, but it is enough that we are cautious about spending it.

So... here is our request, that you would pray for direction, that you would ask the Lord to show us the way and lead our feet along the path He has laid for us.

And He is God.  He showed us, today in the storm, as he poured forth His glory and His love in a torrent of rain and spoke of His power with the roll of His thunder.  I told Him I trusted Him, and I asked Him..

"Now that I trust you, what am I to do?"

"Praise me", He said.

He is God, and we will praise Him.

and all of us at Rambellwood

P.S.  I have added a music player at the bottom of this blog, to share songs that the Lord is touching us with.  You are welcome to listen. 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Dear Friends,

It has been quite a while since I have posted here!  Knowing there are so many special people, across this country, praying for us, and thinking of us, waiting for news, I have resolved to update this blog on a more regulated basis.

Life is beginning to find its rhythm again, 

to carry us forward with a steady pace

moving with the gentle beat of the passing days.  

The Lord is holding us, 
and pressing his truth into our hearts, 
especially for Mom.  
She wanted to share, with all of you
what the Lord shared with her.

When I first found out I had this situation, (honestly, I don't like to say the name of "C") peace pervaded my soul and my spirit.  But, as time wore on, I felt despair begin to crack my peace.  I kept trying to get my peace back.  Then I started to have fear because I was afraid the despair would overtake me.  It felt like it was getting stronger and stronger.  
 Then God began to speak to me about repenting.  He told me to repent of pride in a certain situation.  I began to repent and cry out in my despair to the Lord.  I told the Lord how full of despair I was.  I began to feel, tangibly feel, the Lord replace the despair I felt with love and yes, peace.
The next morning I woke up and started feeling despair again.  I sat in my closet on my stool and I began to cry.  I cried physical tears and I cried out to the Lord.  I told the Lord I was feeling despair again, and as I cried out to Him, He brought peace back again to me.  I began to feel the fear of despair subside.  

I realized I didn't have to fear despair because He was right in the middle of that despair.  I felt free!  It was freeing to know God was with me in the very depth of my fear and despair.

Mom and Dad left this morning for M.D. Anderson, and we wait, here at home, remembering to...

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, and constant in prayer.  

We wait for the results, and we wait for His words upon the pages of this book.

With all my heart,


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The News is Good

Dad called, yesterday, after they'd left the consultation in Houston, and he called with good news.

"The doctor said that all of the tumors have shrunk, and there is no new growth."  I felt my throat constrict at the sudden joy of his words.  "Our only concern now, is that she will be able to continue the chemo until the tumors are gone."

See, chemotherapy is poison.  It hurts your body, and your body can handle it for only so long.  But it is working.  The tumors are shrinking.  Our hearts are hoping.

This our prayer now, that we would have renewed strength for this battle, this battle with no end in sight.  Please pray for strength, for Mom, as she undergoes these treatments, and struggles with the loss of her hair, and for Dad as he fights to keep us provided for, to protect us from wearing ourselves out. Ask strength for all of us.  Your prayers warm us, encourage us, and remind us to keep our hearts on Him.

In much gratitude,


Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Moving Slowly Forward

This story is moving ever so slowing forward.  Slowly, as the weeks tiptoe by, and Mom's treatments come and go, slowly, while we all wonder where this path is taking us, slowly, as we pray for strength to hold up our shields and keep fighting.

But we are moving.  Things are happening.  God is changing our hearts and our lives.

And Mom has her second appointment at M.D. Anderson.  Mom and Dad will drive to Houston on Sunday, July 11, and, after tests on Monday and Tuesday, make the trip home.

We will know the results.  We will hear whether there has been any positive progress.

And we will wait for His wisdom, wait for His direction, wait for the General to lead us in the attack.  You are all soldiers, battling with us in prayer, and what joy there is in knowing that!  In knowing, whilst we struggle in the fray, that you who love us stand beside us.

With all my heart,


Friday, June 25, 2010

What a Ride!

Bonny started her second unit of chemo on Thursday, after beginning to feel much better and getting through most of the problems from the first one. She has another next Thursday and then will be returning to Houston about the middle of July for tests to see how the cancer is responding. She may be needing a pretty cap soon since she is loosing some hair. This, of course is hard on her.

This whole process is like a blind-folded roller coaster ride, not being able to see the next dip, corner or straight stretch of track. The entire Ramsey family is on board, feeling each shift and very aware that our Lord Jesus is holding us in his strong hands. Nothing comes our way that is outside of His control and our hope remains in Him.

We want each of you to know that your prayers and gifts are such a help to us. They are enabling us to remain true to the Lord in this fiery sorrow that has crept our way. We only desire that His purpose would not be thwarted in any way. This is much easier to write than to live out. We are pressing on to know Him and to not become weary. We have found it absolutely critical to keep our minds from giving in to self pity and hopelessness. You can pray for us in that regard and how ever else the Lord leads.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Taken Captive

He is captivating us, taking a hold of our fragile hearts, and binding them securely to his.

The weapons you fight with are not the weapons of the world.  
You do not wage war as the world does.

No.  We do not fight the way this world does.  We lift, not shields of iron, nor great, shining swords, but hearts firm in his strength, and thoughts captivated by his truth.

Your weapons have divine power to demolish strongholds.  You demolish every earthly pretense that dares to set itself up against the knowledge of God.  You take captive each and every thought, to make it obedient to the heart of the Father.

We wield weapons that no army can destroy, no matter how mighty, no matter how strong.

You asked me to take your life and do with it as I willed.  So, trust me with it, here and now.  Trust me.  Trust me.  Trust me.  Can you not hear my heart rejoicing?  Can you not hear my joy spilling forth?  Do not weep.  Sing.  Do not mourn.  Dance.  Do not beg, but pray with peace in your heart.  I am with you always.  Always.  Always.

God is doing things beyond our belief.  He is breaking us, and changing us.
He is making our struggle worthwhile.

As to prayers, I shall say merely this,  don't stop.  The barriers coming against us, the stress, and the strain, are wearing our courage thin.  So, keep praying.  Your prayers are a gift beyond measure.

With all my heart,

Friday, June 11, 2010

The author

... it's her birthday!

Her words illuminate what is in her heart... 

...bringing peace to our hearts, and a deeper understanding of our Heavenly Father.

... I should know, I am her sister! 

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Let Me Be

They are the words the Lord shared with me.  So, pressed out beneath my tapping fingers, finding their way across the keys, I will share them with you.

Let me be the ink, that flows from your pen.
Let me be the song, you want to begin.
Let me be the shoes, you put on your feet.
Let me be the fire, that burns with red heat.
Let me be the flame, that can't be put out.
Let me be the words you're longing to shout.
Let me be you.

The Lord is sharing with me, words, thoughts, hope.  He is blessing us

We had rather a scare yesterday, resulting in increased medication for the rising pain Mom is experiencing, and we are all struggling, wondering where the Lord is taking us in all of this, praying for wisdom, and peace, and TRUTH.  We are sticking close to home, making sure Mom rests, resting ourselves, making our way through life with as much care as we can muster.

But he is guiding us.  He is blessing us.  And we will keep our hands holding on to his.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010


So, now we know.  Now it is certain.  What we had heard before is now confirmed.

The report from Houston, from some of the best medical oncologists in the world, is that Mom has a very rare form of sarcoma cancer, a form that does not have a known cure.  Because the cancer has spread so widely inside of her, neither surgery nor radiation can be considered.  The doctors say chemotherapy has helped 40-50% of patients with this form of cancer, and they speak positively about it helping Mom.

Mom and Dad are still in Houston.  They have more tests scheduled at M.D. Anderson on Thursday, after which they will make their way home.  Mom has an appointment in Mt. Pleasant on Friday, where her treatment will begin.  In six weeks, after two sets of treatment, they will return to Houston, to test the results, and decide how to proceed.

Mom called today, and told me a story.  She spoke of the three of them, Mom, Dad, and Candy, who went with them to be a comfort and support, sitting, all in a row, in the patient waiting room.

"They won't know which one of us is the patient," they laughed together.  "Sitting together the way we are."  No sooner had they said it, then one of the doctors entered the room.

"Well, who is the patient?"  He said.

There was laughter in Mom's voice, when she told me the story, joy.  There was peace beneath the tones of her words, passing across the airwaves, from her soul to mine.

We sat in the living room, all seven of us, after we'd heard the news, with Grandpa and Grandma and Doug, Candy's husband.  We talked and shared and prayed over the future.  We wept, and laughed, and told the truth about our hearts.

In Dad's words....
"This is somewhat hard news, but is never the final word for us.  Our hope remains in God our Refuge who alone determines the whole of life.  We believe that we should move forward with these treatments and continue to trust Him with the future. 
 We would appreciate prayer for Bonny with all she has ahead of her.  That her body would respond wondrously to the treatment and continue on the path of complete healing.  Most of all, that the Lord's purpose would prevail in spite of the outcome."
There is healing in that, and peace.  But this journey feels, already, so long.  Pray that we will have strength, strength to trust, to trust and be patient, that no matter the length of this road, we will never stop walking.

And all of us at Rambellwood

Thursday, May 27, 2010

And the Phone Rang

Yes!  It did!  Today, in fact.

Dad answered the phone, and it was the head of the Sarcoma Center at M.D. Anderson.  There had been a cancellation.

And we have an appointment!  It is this Tuesday, June 1st.

Yes!  There was a rush of joy throughout our house at the news.  Truly, God is guiding our path.

Feeling ever so blessed,


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Simple Things

"Ah.. the simple things."

That's what Dad said before he left the house after lunch today, watching Johanna ply a dishrag across the countertop, watching Mom guiding Matthew through his calendar exercise, watching Grace and Sarah Anne, building a duplo house.

It seems there is little to say, no news different than what you have already heard.  But we are still here, we are still pressing our way over the path before us, praying and hoping and trusting.

Every day I rise, make breakfast, then do chores for an hour with Grace, whilst Johanna works in the garden.  Then, at 9:00, we go our separate ways, Johanna and Grace to their school, I to my writing.

Mom is resting, reading, praying, and writing to friends and family.  In the mornings she monitors Matthew and Sarah Anne in their schoolwork.

Dad is doing his work with all that he is.  He continues to pursue communication with M.D. Anderson, waiting with all the patience he can muster for the ever elusive appointment.  He helps keep the house running, makes sure Mom takes her pain medication, and he works in the shop whenever he can, making calls, doing cabinet drawings, writing up job proposals.

Sam and James are both here with us.  Sam edits pictures and video non-stop, trying to catch up with all his work.  James works on his house.  They both work for Dad off and on, whenever there are cabinets to be cut out, built, and installed.

Our dear friends from Washington and my aunt, from Oregon, are still with us, helping us bear our normal everyday responsibilities, being an encouragement and a support, and your cards and letters and donations keep coming, every day, blessing us with love and prayers, and reminding us to hold on to Him.

We are weary, wearing down beneath an emotional strain that we forget we bear.  We are realizing the need to add rest to our daily schedule, and you, our friends and family, stand beside us, helping us, reminding us that we must slow down, that we must rest in Him.

Pray for rest, dear friends.  Pray that every single one of us would find it, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  Pray that we will discover the strength we need to have courage and to continue to stand in the face of all tribulation.

With all my heart,


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Prayer and Praise ALERT

There is new news.  It came upon us suddenly, and we are putting out the word.

The PRAISE:  We have Medicaid.  The process of obtaining it has been completed through much effort and much blessing.  Yay!  We don't know if they will cover the full extent of Mom's medical expenses, BUT it will be an immense help.

The PRAYER:  Now, that we are ready to move forward, we have been informed that M.D. Anderson will be unable to schedule us in until mid June.  We feel an urgency, that we cannot wait this long, that something needs to MOVE.  So we will pray, with all of our hearts, that God will shake the walls that are rising around us.  That He will carry us forward in His will.

Your donations have been a blessing beyond our feeble expectations. Dad must spend much of his time pursuing Mom's needs, and is finding himself pulled away from the cabinet shop.  And there will be travel expenses in reaching Houston, in food and gas.  In other words, Mom's medical needs are now met, but our own expenses, living, traveling, etc. continue to greatly benefit from your heartfelt donations.

We offer all of our gratitude, wondering if it is enough.  Your donations, your thoughts, your prayers, your words, are covering us in a blanket that no dark cloud can shake.  Isn't our Heavenly Father amazing?

With all my heart,


Friday, May 21, 2010


Dad has been pressing forward, day after day, calling and emailing and calling some more, pursuing a consultation appointment at M.D. Anderson.  As of yet, the appointment is still not scheduled, but Dad's efforts are moving us forward, and your generous donations are making it possible for us to pursue the best medical care available.

Mom and Dad are packing their bags.  We are ready when we get the call.  We stand waiting.

Mom spends her days on the couch, resting, and spending time with dear friends and family who are often here, helping, sharing, and pouring their love out on all of us.  Every evening we sit in His presence, and every day we wait for His words.

Pray for that, that we would continually seek His wisdom, the Dad's burden would ease, that he would be able to sleep at night, that Mom would find continual peace, that we all would find rest, and be still in our Father's arms.

"Because you have made the Lord your dwelling place, the Most High, who is my refuge, no evil shall be allowed to befall you, no plague come near your tent."  Ps. 91:9,10

Monday, May 17, 2010

How Does One Explain?

It is difficult to find the right words, to truly describe what life at Rambellwood, our home, is like right now...  overflowing in joy, whilst battling confusion and anxiety, melting in the peace of God, while warring with the problems of men.  How can I speak everything that is overflowing in us?

We want to send Mom to M.D. Anderson.  They know more about her rare cancer than any hospital we have yet heard of.  But... despite the blessed influx of donations, we hate to give that money to M.D. Anderson.  We shrink from spending so large an amount, when we are not sure.  We think it's the best place, but what if there were another, 10 times less expensive hospital, waiting in the sidelines to help us?  We don't know, and it is such a big step. We don't want to throw away the funds so graciously given, from the heart.

That is what we struggle with now, what Dad fought and battled with all of today, calling people, back and forth, back and forth, calling our contact at the hospital, our insurance company, and Medicaid.

But, dear, wonderful, friends, tomorrow is a new day.  We have not given up.  We have pressed forward.  And we feel that God is guiding us.   We are unspeakably grateful to all of you, for your support, and prayers, and donations.  They are more than we could have hoped or dreamed for.  Already, we have enough donated funds to pay for the hospital bills already contracted in the beginning, the CT scans, the biopsies, the consultations.  And God is here with us, deeper than he has ever been, moving in the strength and power that only he possesses.

Before I close, may I ask this one thing?  That, when you pray, you pray for wisdom, you pray for peace.  Pray that my parents be given the answer God has set aside for us, that their anxious thoughts will melt away, and leave room for God to speak.

In hope of the new day,


"Do not call to mind the former things, or ponder the things of the past. Behold, I will do something new, now it will spring forth; will you not be aware of it? I will even make a roadway in the wilderness, rivers in the desert..." Isaiah 43: 18&19

Saturday, May 15, 2010

What This is All About

Less than a week ago, my family and I found out that my mother, Bonny Ramsey, had cancer, that it was a rare, quickly moving cancer, and that our insurance policy would not cover the kind of medical care it needed.

M.D. Anderson, a hospital with an entire Center for this kind of cancer, is asking us for $25,000 for the initial consultation.  It is vitally urgent that we get Mom to that place as soon as possible, and we need to raise the money to do it.

Please read our story, and consider making a donation, no matter how large or how small, to aid us in getting our wife, and mother, and friend, into the Sarcoma Center at M.D. Anderson Hospital in Houston, TX.

With all my heart,

Emma Ramsey