Monday, August 30, 2010

The Heavens Opened

The heavens opened today.  Our Father in Heaven poured rain from his throne, rain that rushed past our windows, raging against the glass, while lighting flashed white across our vision, and the thunder of the Lord shook our souls.

The news from M.D. Anderson is good.  The chemotherapy continues to reduce the tumors.

But... dear, dear friends, it is so, very slow, and the little the doctor has told us does not give us hope.  It seems that this treatment, though it stalls the tumors in Mom's body and cuts slowly away at them, cannot utterly destroy them.

I felt it, when Dad called on Thursday, when they were on their way home.  I felt the loss of hope, the stab of uncertainty, and now, with the days moving slowly on, we all feel it, and we are all seeking the Lord for wisdom.

Word of an alternative treatment has reached our ears, an alternative treatment that has a higher percentage of success in curing patients.  We have doubts about it, but we have the same doubts about the chemo, and the positive results of the alternative treatment are making us seriously consider it.  The only problem, is that this treatment cannot be covered by Medicaid, leaving us to find the funds ourselves.  It is much less money than what Medicaid is forking out for the chemo right now, but it is enough that we are cautious about spending it.

So... here is our request, that you would pray for direction, that you would ask the Lord to show us the way and lead our feet along the path He has laid for us.

And He is God.  He showed us, today in the storm, as he poured forth His glory and His love in a torrent of rain and spoke of His power with the roll of His thunder.  I told Him I trusted Him, and I asked Him..

"Now that I trust you, what am I to do?"

"Praise me", He said.

He is God, and we will praise Him.

and all of us at Rambellwood

P.S.  I have added a music player at the bottom of this blog, to share songs that the Lord is touching us with.  You are welcome to listen. 

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