Thursday, May 27, 2010

And the Phone Rang

Yes!  It did!  Today, in fact.

Dad answered the phone, and it was the head of the Sarcoma Center at M.D. Anderson.  There had been a cancellation.

And we have an appointment!  It is this Tuesday, June 1st.

Yes!  There was a rush of joy throughout our house at the news.  Truly, God is guiding our path.

Feeling ever so blessed,



Bryce & Noreen said...

AMEN!!! We´ll keep praying!

Lydia Covey said...

Singing praises to our God!!! His mercies never fail, His grace is abundant and His love is everlasting!

Thank you so much for the updates. My prayers are with you and your mother as Tuesday draws near.

cherylKFord said...

Just be reminded: God is sovereign.Be of good faith, pick up your sword for the battle is won!

Anonymous said...

We are pulling for your mom and sending prayers your way!!!

Tim and Charlotte Garland

Unknown said...

praying for you always! praying for you ALL WAYS!

with hope, by faith and in love, Nancie-JOY Ogden

anne said...

My name is Anne and my husband Paul has been working with Mark for 10 years. As soon as Paul came home and told me about your mom, I have been praying for your family. Your writing is beautiful and your relationship with God is also stunningly beautiful. Blessings from the Nunn family.