Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Simple Things

"Ah.. the simple things."

That's what Dad said before he left the house after lunch today, watching Johanna ply a dishrag across the countertop, watching Mom guiding Matthew through his calendar exercise, watching Grace and Sarah Anne, building a duplo house.

It seems there is little to say, no news different than what you have already heard.  But we are still here, we are still pressing our way over the path before us, praying and hoping and trusting.

Every day I rise, make breakfast, then do chores for an hour with Grace, whilst Johanna works in the garden.  Then, at 9:00, we go our separate ways, Johanna and Grace to their school, I to my writing.

Mom is resting, reading, praying, and writing to friends and family.  In the mornings she monitors Matthew and Sarah Anne in their schoolwork.

Dad is doing his work with all that he is.  He continues to pursue communication with M.D. Anderson, waiting with all the patience he can muster for the ever elusive appointment.  He helps keep the house running, makes sure Mom takes her pain medication, and he works in the shop whenever he can, making calls, doing cabinet drawings, writing up job proposals.

Sam and James are both here with us.  Sam edits pictures and video non-stop, trying to catch up with all his work.  James works on his house.  They both work for Dad off and on, whenever there are cabinets to be cut out, built, and installed.

Our dear friends from Washington and my aunt, from Oregon, are still with us, helping us bear our normal everyday responsibilities, being an encouragement and a support, and your cards and letters and donations keep coming, every day, blessing us with love and prayers, and reminding us to hold on to Him.

We are weary, wearing down beneath an emotional strain that we forget we bear.  We are realizing the need to add rest to our daily schedule, and you, our friends and family, stand beside us, helping us, reminding us that we must slow down, that we must rest in Him.

Pray for rest, dear friends.  Pray that every single one of us would find it, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  Pray that we will discover the strength we need to have courage and to continue to stand in the face of all tribulation.

With all my heart,


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cherylKFord said...

Thank you writing is a gift from the Lord for you and for us. We continue to lift your mom and your family. Peace Be Still.