Saturday, May 22, 2010

Prayer and Praise ALERT

There is new news.  It came upon us suddenly, and we are putting out the word.

The PRAISE:  We have Medicaid.  The process of obtaining it has been completed through much effort and much blessing.  Yay!  We don't know if they will cover the full extent of Mom's medical expenses, BUT it will be an immense help.

The PRAYER:  Now, that we are ready to move forward, we have been informed that M.D. Anderson will be unable to schedule us in until mid June.  We feel an urgency, that we cannot wait this long, that something needs to MOVE.  So we will pray, with all of our hearts, that God will shake the walls that are rising around us.  That He will carry us forward in His will.

Your donations have been a blessing beyond our feeble expectations. Dad must spend much of his time pursuing Mom's needs, and is finding himself pulled away from the cabinet shop.  And there will be travel expenses in reaching Houston, in food and gas.  In other words, Mom's medical needs are now met, but our own expenses, living, traveling, etc. continue to greatly benefit from your heartfelt donations.

We offer all of our gratitude, wondering if it is enough.  Your donations, your thoughts, your prayers, your words, are covering us in a blanket that no dark cloud can shake.  Isn't our Heavenly Father amazing?

With all my heart,



Bryce & Noreen said...

Our small church group will take this before the Lord this morning asking Him to continue to act graciously on your behalf. Stand firm in your faith as you navigate these dark waters. God can do no other than Glorify Himself!

Laura said...

Our Heavenly Father IS amazing!!! Wonderfully so!

Sending many prayers and much love. <3

Victoria Smith said...

I wanted to let you know that now that your mom has medicaid-they should also cover some gas, meal and hotel expenses. That has been our experience anyhow! You should inquire about that!