Saturday, May 15, 2010

What This is All About

Less than a week ago, my family and I found out that my mother, Bonny Ramsey, had cancer, that it was a rare, quickly moving cancer, and that our insurance policy would not cover the kind of medical care it needed.

M.D. Anderson, a hospital with an entire Center for this kind of cancer, is asking us for $25,000 for the initial consultation.  It is vitally urgent that we get Mom to that place as soon as possible, and we need to raise the money to do it.

Please read our story, and consider making a donation, no matter how large or how small, to aid us in getting our wife, and mother, and friend, into the Sarcoma Center at M.D. Anderson Hospital in Houston, TX.

With all my heart,

Emma Ramsey


Bryce & Noreen said...

Bonny, you have our thoughts and prayers. We will give what we can this week at the bank and spread the word of your need. May the Lord bless you uniquely through this experience.

If you need us for anything, just let us know.

With love, Bryce, Noreen, Sara, Jessica and Samantha

David & Stephanie Bryant said...

Dear Bonny, Our prayers and support are with you all. If you need us let us know. We will be there to help with fundraiser's, support teams and prayer groups wherever we can be a blessing to you. We love you guys. May our Father carry you through, and may you receive His healing touch.
Much Love, The Bryant Family ( David, Stephanie, Heather, David II, Rebecca)

Linda said...


I just heart is with you even from so far away. Please know that we are praying for you and will do whatever we can to help you.

Cary and the kids: Bonny has given you every strength that makes you who you are today. These are dark, dark waters...but you have a depth and strength much beyond your years. I am proud of you and for the courage you have shown.

Much love,
Linda and the Strube kids

CherylKFord said...

Ramsay Family,
Although my heart is heavy and we continue to ask God "Why", Our lives are but a journey to become more like Jesus. What more amazing a person than Bonny, who looks as much like Him already, to be allowed to walk through such a trial. Cary and Bonny raised you children to be strong in the Lord. and He never said there would not be trials or tests. What does matter through all this is what will bring Him Glory That's what it is all about and that is how the Ramsay family lives.

With all that being said, I don't know how alternative you would be interested in going but if you are, I can help lead you in the right direction It is not an easy road to take takes lots of work and some financial investment but it is an option.

As you know, karl, my husband had a massive heart attack in December, blockage up to 90% in most through prayer, herbs and alternative practitioners, we just got back our second "heart normal" report. Call me at the spa if you think you may have any interest and regardless, our prayers and support are with you .