Sunday, November 7, 2010


They arrived in time for dinner Monday night, Dad, Mom, Johanna, Sarah Anne, and Matthew.  They are home, and we are together again.  On Thursday, preparing for their homecoming, tying my apron around my waist, I heard Grace, home from San Antonio, touching her fingers to the piano, and filling the house with music.  Mounting the stairs, words pushing at my fingers, I laid my hands across the keys of my typewriter, and spelled out these words.

I can feel it.  Rambellwood is coming back together.  I knew it when the strains of Grace's music, made by her fingers treading the piano keys, began to flow across the lonely floors of the house.  I can feel it now, as the Lord presses words from my heart, here onto this page.  Two days and they will begin their journey home, four days, and they will be here.  Four days and all of us, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine of us, will stand together, one again.
We... the family at Rambellwood.

And so it happened.  They drove in, at last, lifting their weary souls from the car.  Matthew went tearing out across the grass in his bare feet, thrilled to be home.

We had dinner, and celebrated Samuel's birthday, and talked, until Dad, weary from long hours driving, had to retire.  And then we all went to bed, and I marveled to see each room, quiet at the closing of the day, each bed occupied by its old inhabitant.  Rambellwood felt warm, and wonderful.

But, our lives have changed, and are changing still.  Mom is on a strict diet, that builds her immune system, and starves the cancer cells, and our already health conscious household is undergoing major adjustments.  We drove to Dallas on Thursday, to stock our pantry with organic produce, and purchase organically made personal care products, soaps, toothpaste, etc.  Everything made with artificial processes and harmful chemicals is disappearing from our shelves.

What a whirlwind it has made our lives, but what new joys we are blessed with!  Mom is her old, energetic, self, and yet a new woman.  She is planning our new life with the gusto and fervor I know so well.  Her treatments in California strengthened her immune system, and gave her body the impetus to fight for itself.

As of yet, we do not have medical proof of improvement.  No official tests have been made, yet.  But, the proof is in Mom's very life, in the return of her energy, of her health.  She lowered the dosage of her pain patch, with, unlike her last attempt, positive results.

What else can I say?  Despite no official results, we know that she is healing.  We know these new treatments are working, and working extremely well.  We know, and we are blessed beyond belief in the knowledge.  And slowly, week by week, the Lord is putting the pieces of our life together, like a scattered jigsaw puzzle, piece by piece, becoming a whole picture.  I can feel that wholeness, wrapping His warmth around us, binding us to each other, and binding us to Him.

With all my heart,

and all of us at Rambellwood

Note:  If you have any questions, please let me know.  So much happens, it is hard to put it all into words.  Some of your questions may be difficult to answer, but others I may simply have forgotten to mention.


Kerry said...

What good news! God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful news! Beautiful homecoming! My oldest son married and lives 2 hours away - and there is an emptiness in the house of his sounds that we miss! Your writing style makes me feel at home:)

Lydia Covey said...

Emma, I am praising God for the news of your family all being one again... and the energy your mother has back! How wonderful. I continue to keep your family in my prayers as your life changes and adjusts to each trial and blessing the Lord brings your way.

It was so great seeing you at the Ball! We must keep in touch.

Joanna Kristina said...

Praising the Lord for His unending Goodness and Faithfulness and Love! He is the great Physician, praying for you all and especially your mother. Much love, Joanna in NY