Tuesday, September 28, 2010

In Flight

We flew away today.  We grabbed onto an idea and packed up our things in a whirlwind of excitement.  Now we are on the road, the miles passing beneath us, carrying us towards San Antonio, to visit some dear friends, to get away, to loosen the weariness of living from our shoulders….. to leave it all behind.

There is such a joy, such an exhilaration, in the spontaneity of this trip.  I am so excited, to be sitting here with my family, feeling the rush of the wheels beneath, bags and pillows piled around, watching Matthew's thrilled face smiling up at me.

We have been struggling, weary with living, with hoping for the future, with grasping for wisdom and making heavy decisions.  I myself have felt trapped, stuck in a rut, walking day after day, wanting nothing but to shut myself in a hole, safe, where nothing is required of me.

But we cannot live that way.  We must walk with our eyes open, awake to His voice, listening for His heart.  We must, and yet the strength to do so feels so far from our grasp.

So Lord, teach us to be still, to let You be our strength, to let You carry us, so we can fly away.
I wish that we could fly away
forever and a day

I wish the world would let us go
That we could fly like supermen
That all this pain away we'd throw
And then walk we'd in joy again.

I wish that we could fly away 
forever and a day

I wish we were like red striped kites
That we could raise our souls in flight
That we could leave our pain behind
If we had only YOU in mind.

It was Thursday, when I wrote the above.  Now we are home, with memories of joy sitting beside us, and thoughts for the future resting before us.

Until later,

and all of us at Rambellwood

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Anonymous said...

Our thoughts are with you all. We know the weariness, having walked the road of cancer with our little one. I don't think there is anything we can do, but we're here.

The Gaylors