Saturday, August 4, 2012

God's Kingdom and Purpose

Jesus's kingdom is NOT of this world (Jn. 18:36).  If we are His, only He knows the purpose we are here for.  Here lies our faith in God, and continues to be our focus as we enter into more uncertainty concerning Bonny's health and future here on earth.  Many signs point in an undesirable direction from our perspective.  His will and purpose is what we seek.

Bonny has weakened to the point of barely being able to walk.  She has not been downstairs in almost two weeks now.  She needs continual care and better pain management.  I love to care for her but have felt unsure of how to manage the pain.  As a result, we have gotten hospice involved.  This, by no means, defines the end of her life (God has numbered her days)  ...Only a way to get help with managing the pain.  So far, transition from one drug to the next has been somewhat difficult.  Hospice has also provided necessary equipment for dealing with her lack of mobility.  We are hoping to get her downstairs today for a time of worship with the family.

Our trip to Cancun in July was amazing. We are so glad we went when some were telling us not to.  We were both ministered to in every regard.  The Lord knew just what we needed.

Your prayers are not in vain.  Regardless of the earthly outcome, we will praise Him.  This is the cry of Bonny's heart.  Please lift my name to the throne as well.  I need God's strength more than ever.  Also, all seven of our kids.  They are such amazing people, trusting in God and keeping a good disposition.

We love you,



Angie said...

Hello to you all. It has been a while. I was just popping in to see how things have been for you this summer. Sounds like it has been a rough year for you all as well. I am sending many prayers and hugs for you all. I will check in again soon. Hope Bonny is resting well and had a good day!


Angie said...

Hello. I tried to send a comment before but it disappeared in blog land. Just popping in to check on things. Sounds like you all have had a rough year as well. Been down the same road a few times. Please know I am sending many prayers and hugs your way. Just wanted to let you know I care. Hope Bonny is comfortable and having a good day! Take care.