Thursday, November 1, 2012


Bonny had to go on a morphine pump due to the ineffectiveness of oral morphine tablets.  Her hospice nurse feels that something went wrong in her digestive system (GI tract) to prevent absorption of the oral drugs to help ease pain. The majority of this pain was in her abdominal area.  On the morphine pump she is not in pain, for which we are all thankful for.  It was so hard to see her suffering.
She is still eating well, but is having some issues with normal bowel movements. She is fairly lucid on the pump, but has a hard time putting words together.  I feel that part of this problem is also from the brain metastasis she deals with, since this was also the case before the morphine pump.  I'm a bit concerned about kidney function at this time as her urine flow greatly slowed for a long period of time yesterday (seems back to normal now).  There have only been a few tremors since her last seizure.  She is on an anti-seizure medication now.
She is so precious and sweet as she attempts to communicate with us.  We are having some very tender moments with family and friends. We are all processing things relatively peacefully.  At times our emotions and the stress levels overwhelm us.  The Lord our God is our Rock, our Hope, the One we are trusting and holding on to regardless of the outcome of this journey.
Trusting our God,

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Anonymous said...

Cary, I just wanted you all to know how much you are on my heart these days. I know it has been years since we have spent those evenings on the farm with you all, but even still I treasure you all. Please give my love to Bonny and the rest of your family.


Laura Strube