Sunday, January 13, 2013

Love Hopes All Things

Bonny has made some improvements.  One of which is movement in her right fingers, hand and whole arm.  She has not been able to move her right hand at all since mid August.  Wow!  The bumps on her head have also reduced in size significantly and seem to be drying up.  Double wow!!  We are watching her toes and legs for returned movement.  She is still eating three meals a day and drinking as much as she can.  Pain levels are under control most of the time.  We all want to see the glory of the Lord in full measure upon her body.
There are still some concerns that we have to continually give to the Lord.  Her blood pressure is pretty low, heart rate high and skipping, and urine output up and down. There has also been a decrease in air movement in the lower right lung.  The nurse feels sure it is pneumonia from aspirating water or food into that lung.  She is taking antibiotics and nebulizing to combat that.

We had a special Christmas time with all our kids and also enjoyed the snow we had that day.  Johanna is managing the home, while Grace, Sarah Anne, and Matthew focus, once again, on their school.
We always appreciate the notes of encouragement and prayers, knowing you are all there.
Love hopes all things...

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