Friday, February 24, 2012

Another Adventure

Dear friends and family,

What more can we do?  This is the tough question we have been grappling with for two or three months now.  Knowing the adverse effects chemo has on the body...this did not seem the answer.  We have been diligent with all of the alternative treatments that seemed to work before.  But, this time the tumors continued their assault on Bonny's body. We could no longer just ignore the physical changes we were seeing.

This last weekend changed all that.  We met a lady who was given a grim diagnosis as well.  The Lord led her to a oncologist in Mexico who combines low doses of chemo with cobalt radiation.  This woman is cancer-free.  We believe that this connection was not an accident.

As a result Bonny and I are flying to Tijuana, Mexico this Sunday and will be there about three weeks.  There she will undergo a specialized treatment that, we believe, will get control of this awful disease.

Here's where it gets hard.  We need financial help from anyone who has the ability and would like to help.  The cost of the three week treatment alone is over 18,000 plus airfare.  I would not want to be anywhere else, with my wife in Mexico, but by her side.  Being self-employed, this stops the source of our income.  If you would like to contribute, you can mail a check to:

Cary Ramsey
2216 CR 4760
Winnsboro, TX  75494

If anyone would like to write or has further questions concerning the treatment Bonny is undergoing we can be reached via this email address:

Most of all, thank you for bringing our family before God.  
We will continue to trust Him with all that is within us.


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