Saturday, March 3, 2012

Much Hope!

Bonny has completed her first week of treatment here in Tijuana, Mexico. She is resting now, after a full day. We are very pleased with the knowledge Dr. Vargas has in treating cancer. He spent several hours with us explaining the treatment and answering the many questions we had.

A typical day at the clinic starts with low-dose Vitamin C, then Laetrile. Then a different type of low-dose chemo, each day, is infused Monday through Wednesday. Bonny’s nurse, Angelina, really knows what she’s doing. Cobalt radiation is done each day at another location. Kristina drives us around wherever we need to go. Below are pictures of Bonny with Angelina and Dr. Vargas.

Dr. Vargas believes in what he is doing and has confidence that these treatments will help Bonny. Because of the advancement of the cancer, there is much to be done. As of now, the cancer’s progress has been halted. We expect to see the tumors shrink and die. Bonny will be going through some challenging times as these changes occur in her body. Dr. Vargas has given us a game plan to meet those needs.

It is somewhat of a challenge adjusting to being out of the U.S. Communication around town, pesos, Spanish, and eating...all feel awkward at times. We are thankful for God’s provision through so many of you who have given.

Thank you, thank you for loving us. We feel your prayers and are also so very grateful for the monetary gifts so relevant in this journey. We miss our family and friends and look forward to being reunited.

Cary and Bonny

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Leah said...

Yay, so glad to hear the good news! We are praying for you guys!
Stephen and Leah